Make Peace the New Normal

27th May 2020

We are aiming for a global wave of action that highlights the need to ‘make peace the new normal’ based on:

  • COMPASSIONPrioritizing the protection of poor and marginalized people.
  • ACCOUNTABILITYProtecting civil liberties and human rights.
  • CHANGEUsing the momentum of this global crisis to shift resources to meet human needs and foster a culture of nonviolence and peace

We’ll build that new normal through 

  • COMMUNITY ACTION: Build community among those whose vulnerability is highlighted by the virus.
  • SPIRITUAL ACTION: Provide a point of spiritual focus and reflection.
  • POLITICAL ACTION: Engage politicians, policy makers and public opinion leaders and authorities about the need to make peace the “new normal”.

Therefore we’ll be encouraging you to take a political, a prayerful and a practical action on Wednesday 27 May 2020. It could be that some of these activities you already do (volunteering / phoning a neighbour / praying daily) and if that is the case we encourage you to bring a peace focus to your activity on Wednesday. If not, this is the day to try something out!

We have some special events including a webinar planned – see beneath to register 

  • 9am Morning Prayer – streamed to the FoR Facebook Page
  • 2pm – A global ‘pause for reflection’ lead by Lotta, the IFOR President – streamed on the IFOR Facebook Page
  • 3pm – Webinar ‘Banks, Pensions and Nuclear Weapons – Register your place here and take action afterwards here
  • 8pm – Home Cinema film screening – Register your place