Centennial Celebration

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Date(s) - 1st August - 3rd August
All Day


Happy Birthday FoR!  Come and celebrate the movement hitting the big one-oh-oh this Summer.

Marion Schreiber from FoR Austria says:

“We will be very happy to welcome you all to celebrate together this important landmark of our fellowship – 100 years in which we have spread our messages all over the world! It’s almost unbelievable.”  

The event will take place in Konstanz (Constance), Germany.  Registration at www.centennial.ifor.org/registration or if you can download a paper version

We are excited to announce an item for the agenda, which requires a small amount of forethought on your part:

Jan Piet van den Berg will offer a workshop on Saturday in which a sculpture will be created with pieces af material (size: 1m to 60 cm) which you are kindly asked to bring along and which will allow you to take one from another branch back with you. The piece should somehow show where it comes from.FoRUSA

This piece of cloth will also have its place at the opening ceremony on Friday night. BYOB (bring your own blanket-cutting).  

More info: see centenary booklet and this excellent blog from FoRUSA.  We hope you can come!