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Become a member and get involved. Members of FoR can take part in events and campaigns, receive our newsletter, vote at annual council, join local groups and feel connected to other peacemakers. They are active in engaging their churches and communities in issues of peace and justice.

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There is no fixed membership fee. We rely on members being as generous as they are able, in order for us to continue with the honesty-box approach. Please prayerfully consider how much you can give.

Please consider setting up a direct debit. They cost us less on admin and it saves you trying to remember when you last made a donation. Everyone’s a winner.

If you’re a Methodist, you’ll also automatically join the Methodist Peace Fellowship, so please let us know if you are. Those joining directly through MPF will become a member of FoR, and FoR will receive their membership subscription. FoR pays an annual amount to MPF, which includes all of the new membership donations.

Please take a moment to read the basis. You don’t need to agree with it, just to know it exists.

Not in England or Scotland?  Find your nearest branch.

We will use your details to contact you about your membership of FoR, including sending resources, newsletters and fundraising. We will not share it with any third parties except the Methodist Peace Fellowship if applicable. If you have questions or concerns, email

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16 Responses to “Join FoR”

  1. Richard Smith

    Fifty years ago when I was a freshman at Kansas University I encountered a charismatic Quaker who was leading a FoR chapter on campus. He introduced me to the philosophy of non-violence, taught and trained me in its precepts and techniques, and encouraged me to participate in several on-going campaigns: the first was off campus and involved a protest to integrate the Lawrence, Kansas downtown public swimming pool, and the second consisted of a series of teach-ins and protests against the Vietnam war. That was the beginning of my activism and commitment “for justice, peace and democracy now”, which I have sustained for more than 50 years. I have worked with many different organizations over the years, but not FoR since my undergraduate days. so I thought about time to touch base via the newsletter.

    • Emma Anthony

      What an excellent story and thank you for getting in touch – it’s great to hear from people who’ve been involved and are committed to nonviolence. Did you say that you receive our newsletter?


    I am an Anglican – having worked for the United Nations – and favour use of UN Peacekeeping military forces in areas of conflict. I have also served in the Armed Services. Does this preclude me from FOR membership? Please e-mail response.
    Very many thanks.


    I have been a christian pacifist all my adult life,42 years.
    I would like to make contact with other like -minded peace people.

  4. Peter Smith

    Hi, I would like to join but am having trouble with the forms and donation process. I have seen a message saying I need to verify my email but haven’t received the email to verify. Despite the problems I’m keen to sign up and make a donation. I’m in the UK East Midlands. Are there any groups local to me? I’m active in my local church and would like to hear about resources you can offer for promotion of peace.

    • Emma Anthony

      Hi Peter, thanks for your comment. I’m not sure what the verification thing is about – I thought it just asks for two digits at the bottom of the form? Sorry about that, will email you now and join you up that way.

  5. Ade Couper


    Very interested in joining, & getting involved, but don’t currently use debit/credit card. Would be keen to set up direct debit/standing order- is this possible please? Many thanks


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