Peace Sunday

Peace Sunday 2019 is on 22nd September

Christians across England and Scotland, indeed the world, we invite you to join with us in holding services, silent individual and collective prayer, speaking sermons, and living out Christ’s vision of peace.

Have you been trying to get your church to do more about peace, but it’s an uphill struggle?
Perhaps you’d love to do a peace service but don’t know where to start?

We’ve got a resource to help you. We’ve filled it with sermon ideas, activities for children & young people, news about international peacework and ways to get involved in peace & justice.

The sermon notes are also ideal for using in a group, Bible study, prayer meeting or for private prayer.

Just fill in a few details below to get a PDF of the resource. 

Why are we asking for your details? Because we want to get in touch to hear what you’re planning so others can come to Peace Sunday services too, and to ask afterwards what worked and didn’t about the resource. We won’t put you on any other mailing lists unless you request it.

Paper copies can be ordered from the office, on 01865 250781


Get the resource and extras:

Peace Sunday order form


Verify by typing a number in this box

Please note, after you submit the form you will be taken straight to the PDF of the resource.

Add the date of your service to the following posters:
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Events happening around the country:

Tell us about yours and we’ll post it here!(please beware when clicking on links to external sites, FoR isn’t responsible for their content or activity). We’re reliant on the information we receive from those completing the forms so some of what appears below is not a specific place of worship. It may give you some ideas of where to look though.

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