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The Fellowship of Reconciliation is a movement of people, inspired by the non-violent teachings of Christ, who build peace, seek justice, and spread hope.

We create education and training events that equip and inspire people to make a real difference.

We campaign against violence, injustice, and militarism around the world.

We provide grassroots non-violent peacemakers with grants that help increase their impact.

We provide fellowship that supports and enables individual peacemakers to live out their commitment to peace.

Founded in 1914, by Quaker Henry Hodkin, the Fellowship has been active for peace ever since. Supporting Conscientious Objectors, speaking out against racism and climate change, protesting against war and militarism. We dare to join the dots between the big issues of the day and a world forever caught up in cycles of conflict.

Can you help us continue to raise a voice for peace today?