Conference blog series

Welcome to the beginning of conference!

In order to get us all thinking about the theme before conference, we’ve put together a blog series, roughly one a week for the couple of months leading up to conference (14-16 Feb, make sure it’s in your diary!). Contributors are as varied as the day is long (24 hours worth of varied?) because we’re all coming from different places and, well, who doesn’t love diversity? We’ve got people who live together in community, people working on projects to do with transforming conflict and those affected by it, ministers, students and others.

So what does it mean engage with the Prince of Peace? Somewhere along the way, we’ll need to ask God for some guidance. And somewhere else, we’ll need to Act. This conference is about how we can do just that, and how we can do so together and take ideas away to build on afterwards. Jesus calls us into community with one another and blesses the peacemakers; what an opportunity to gather, be inspired by brilliant speakers, panellists and contributors, and move forwards in exploring God’s will for peace in the world today.

We hope you enjoy the blog series. It’s for you, to reflect on peace and so that hopefully the theme of the conference doesn’t come as a shock when you arrive (It’s Peace, Power and Protest: Prophets for a new world in case you missed it). You’ll know when a new blog is out because we’ll tweet about it and post in on our websites and the Facebook event (see links below). They’ve kept the posts brief, because making peace and/or studying doesn’t leave much time for reading long things.

See you in February!

Emma Anthony, Membership and Outreach Officer

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Arms are for cuddles

army spendSave the date: 14 April 2014
55,000 arms trade jobs.  Govt funding: £700m.
56,000 NHS jobs: for the chop.
Think it’s squiffy? Join FoR and a flurry of peace organisations to call for a shift in priorities.
Watch this space.

World’s biggest arms fair

When FoR signed a document backing nonviolent direct action at DSEi this year, we didn’t intend to sit by and let others do the legwork.  Campaign Against Arms Trade did a fantastic job of resourcing and mobilising people, creating a framework of events on which other organisations built.  Click here to see us all in action.

FoR History

Do you know anything about the history of FoR?

As many of you know next year is our centenary and Aaron Holliday (our Centenary Events Intern) is putting together a booklet about the history of the movement. If anyone would like to contribute to the booklet please do get in touch. Perhaps you have some photos you think should be included, perhaps you once attended one of our events? Any and all contributions are welcome.